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Drama projects

Our drama projects with young offenders give them a platform to be heard and create positive memorable experiences.

“This has allowed them to open their hearts”

On one previous project, for example, students in custody created an original radio play – devised, written, performed, recorded, edited and produced by the participants. The students learnt about dramatic structure, character creation, developing a protagonist, building suspense and honing their vocal acting techniques.

At least two students are now more likely to consider studying creative writing or drama in higher education.

“I feel like we’ve done a great piece of work. I feel inspired to write more.”

Helping students take drama further

These projects have developed into a Drama Pathways Project which exists to support and signpost students interested in pursuing drama post custody; providing the opportunities and skills they will need to succeed and further their education.

“I have seen young people with little to no confidence end the project performing as a main part. I have seen a young person with very little social skills integrate willingly in group activities and take the lead. It gives them belief that their own rehabilitation in the community is possible”.

Emma Gregory, Curriculum Manager at HMPYOI Cookham Wood

We intend to expand this work to other Secure Training Centres across the UK.

Get in touch if you’d like us to run a project in your secure training centre…

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