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Corporate support

A great way to demonstrate your support of young people and the performing arts

Supporting NYAT through your company is a great way to demonstrate your support of young people and the performing arts and can be a great way to engage your employees or customers, attract new clients and be part of your CSR strategy.

Examples of companies who have generously supported our work in multiple ways include: The Casting Directors’ Guild, Instagram, AKO Capital, Rise Art, The Furniture Practice, Vitra and Today Tix.

For example, partnering with ticketing platform TodayTix on their Social Ambassador programme has helped us spread the word about our work and the importance of diversity in the arts, and helped us increase our reach to potential beneficiaries and supporters through posts about NYAT on their social media, blogs and newsletters. There is a genuine synergy between our work and ethos, and the partnership made perfect sense for both parties.

TodayTix says: “TodayTix UK has been and continues to be a passionate supporter of the theatre industry and the next generation of theatregoers. We believe that theatre has the power to change and even save lives and should be as accessible as possible. By working in partnership with both theatres on and off the West End, student support programme and via our own Social Ambassador programme, we aim to introduce and educate younger audiences that theatre is a wonderful experience that doesn’t have to cost the earth.”

We are small, flexible charity who will work closely with you to design a partnership that works for all.

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