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“My teachers helped me to be who I am today”

As part of a series of blogs and interviews about young musicians that NYAT supports alongside partner ABRSM, we asked Irobosa, a talented violinist, about what music means to her

To help inspire other young musicians, we are sharing a short series of blogs and interviews with young musicians in partnership with ABRSM. Irobosa is a talented violinist, who trains with the Hackney Music Service. Irobosa is passionate about her music making, and in her interview we learn about what music inspires her, what keeps her playing and her advice to other young musicians.

Watch Irobosa’s full interview here or watch these shorter clips:

Has a music teacher inspired her?

What kind of music do you listen to?

What keeps you playing?

Do you have any role models?

What inspires you about music?

What does music mean to you?

You don’t really realise time while you’re playing; you only realise, I played for 30 minutes afterwards, but you don’t really feel it when you’re playing

The typical cost of a 1hr music lesson in the UK is between £28 to £40. When you include travel, ensemble membership and instrument hire, the cost of studying a musical instrument is often out of reach for so many young people. Alongside ABRSM, we want to increase access to music study to those from low income backgrounds, so no talented young person is left behind.

Can you help? Your donations help ensure that Irobosa and other young musicians are not stopped from fulfilling their potential due to lack of funding.

[Music to me] is life changing because I’ve become a person […music] just makes me feel good


Photo & film by Claudia Lee at ABRSM


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