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"My training has been the greatest gift"

Francesca is a dynamic performer who, as well as working as a professional actor, wants to promote diversity and inclusivity in the industry. Thanks to her NYAT bursary she is able to continue her three year training programme at Guildhall.

Francesca is a talented theatre maker and actor studying her Masters in Acting at renowned drama school Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In order to fund the process of auditioning, she worked two jobs and later crowdfunded to secure her place.

To be able to continue her rigorous MA Acting training, she had to balance her schedule with further fundraising and part time work. The costs of training and higher education are ever growing, and are a huge barrier stopping young people from furthering their education in the arts.

“The incredible generosity of your organisation meant that, for the first time since winning my place, I could celebrate going into my second year without the worry of withdrawal. I could walk into the rehearsal rooms of Guildhall with a confidence, that I am just as worthy of training.”


Since starting her Masters, Francesca has found the experience to be completely transformative for her growth and development as an actor, artist, and individual.

The opportunity to train has opened up doors for Francesca to continue to perform at Guildhall and in the wider creative industry, as well as introducing her to the powerful potential of different artistic disciplines, such as writing and poetry.

As a half black woman taking up such a space in the arts, this was profound, not only for me, but for the underrepresented voice for which I represent. To have a support system that holds such a belief in my potential, is a gift that I will treasure, and one day, I hope to pass on that very same gift to another in my position.


People of colour face further barriers in accessing the arts. However thanks to your donations young people like Francesca can fulfil their dreams of becoming a professional actor and inspiring countless others.

This has been nothing short of life changing.


Featured images by Etienne Girardet & Francesca’s own


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