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"I can't wait for my lessons"

Lolly is a talented singer and musician with a vocal ability far beyond her years. So she could start her lessons and attend a local choir, Lolly was awarded an NYAT bursary.

Lolly’s interest in music began early at school and with a natural gift, especially with harmonies and in ensembles, she was soon at Grade 4 in only five academic terms.

When Lolly and her mum became carers, Lolly was able to continue lessons through her school and she won a scholarship to continue her extracurricular lessons at her local Stagecoach.

She was awarded a full scholarship for clarinet lessons and classical voice lessons at her former school and was part of the school orchestra and band, plus her local award-winning show band.

“When I had my music bursary, I used to spend every break, lunch and free time in the music department having lessons and practising singing and playing the piano, drums, clarinet and more.”

Sadly, after a devastating house fire, Lolly’s family had to move to a new area and a new school, which also meant losing her scholarship, music lessons and a huge part of her life. This was especially difficult as Lolly’s dream is to eventually attend a music college at higher education.

“I know that whatever I chose to do in the future, I want it to be within the field of music. My aim is to continue to develop my skills and qualifications to be able to attend a music college….It is my passion and my love of life.”

So she could start her lessons again and attend a local choir, Lolly applied and was awarded an NYAT bursary.

Lolly talks about her passion for music making: “The art of singing and playing my music is my lifeline. To be able to continue learning and developing my skills would mean: creativity, satisfaction, building my confidence, understanding of so much more about life itself, it’s therapy, having fun, having a cry, relaxation, motivation and inspiration…I can’t wait for my lessons.”

Lolly’s mum says, “I cannot tell you the difference the NYAT bursary has made to her well-being and outlook on life already. Thank you again for the bursary which has made it possible for my daughter to have vocal lessons.”

Thanks to you, Lolly and other young musicians can continue with their music making and flourish. With barely one in 20 students taking music at GCSE, your support is vital to ensure talented young musicians like Lolly do not miss out on the chance to hone their skills and pursue a career in the arts.

Photo credit: Matthias Wagner


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